Fixed price Pc Recovery


Pc repairs  often  involve  many internet downloads, local data tranfers etc.

When done on site, the time taken to  complete the work is chargeable  by the hour.

By working from home, and in my own time, (usually 2-3 days) I am  recover and restore your  machine for a fixed price- which is currently £135.00 ( No VAT)

I call this service system Recovery and it fixes almost all computer problems.

How do you do this?

    • I backup your drive, data and settings, using both disk imaging and  physical file copy.
    •  The  pc  is restored back to the factory state, and then optimised, to ensure your  pc is returned to  you in the  best possible state.
    • On its return, I will ensure that your  pc is connected to the internet and that everything works as it should.
    • I retain your  backup data for 15 days to ensure nothing you need is  missing.
    • Any  support needed as a result of the recovery is free of charge.
    •  If You Have Ram or a  Solid State Ddisk installed  whilst I  have your pc, the Labour for the upgrade is free-you only pay for the parts.
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