What is Ransomware

Ransomware is software that  changes (encrypts)  your  files. This prevents you from opening or  using them.  The criminals spreading this menace are trying to make you to pay to get your  own data back. The problem is that  even if you do pay. you are very  unlikely to recover it.

Ransomware  uses links  embedded  in fake  invoices, documents and emails. Clicking the link causes the software to be uploaded and rin on your pc without your  knowledge or  permission.

Once  installed it searches external drives, networks and the cloud for your data and encrypts what it finds.

How to protect yourself from this threat.

  1. Think about clicking links or  attachments- even if you think you know where they are from.
  2. Are you expecting  the mail, text or whatever.?
  3.   Can you confirm  with the  person who sent it, that it  is genuine?
  4. Ultimately, the only way of fully recovering from data  loss  is to USE YOUR CURRENT BACKUP to restore the data
  5. Make sure you have a quality Anti Virus  product installed. Check out reviews online- you may be surprised at how  bad some of the wall known security products are at detecting problems
  6. I have been selling Escan for  many years. It works  very well. The current version has a very effective  cloud based protection module.
  7. Remove any anti virus or security product that you no longer use.
  8. Setting up your  pc  properly in the first place, ensures maximum protection.
  9. Allow windows and  other common software such as Adobe crobat reader to automatically update. These updates are designed to fix security flaws in the software to prevent your systemfrom being compromised  by criminals
  10. If you are affected by this call me.



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