Resetting computer Password

If you have access to your PC, and you are able to login, you can use the change password facility by typing control Alt and Del  together  ( to bring up tak manager) selecting reset  password from there.

If you can’t get into computer because there is a user  password- this is easy to reset.

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if your disk has encryption or other physical hard disk security your only option will be, either, to replace the disk or use a main dealer to reset the bios and repair the pc.

Windows has a number of methods available to refresh or repairitself.

One enables you to replace your current Windows. Although this will keep your data, it will remove all of your installed applications.

Another option is a complete reinstallation of Windows back to the factory settings.

Third option is if there is a factory reset but also scrubs the hard drive of any information that you have put on it.

You can use a password recovery tool to reset any password created by any user within Windows.

You would need to use another computer to download program. This will then allow you to create a bootable recovery USB stick. You can use a stick and then reset user admin passwords.


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