Newsletter December 2020

I am  still respecting current lockdown guidelnes

I have been ( and still am ) able to help customers by phone, email, and  remote access .

Anything that cannot be fixed by the above is really a workshop job. I am still doing these so  long as the equipment   can be dropped off and collected when ready. If you are stuck, I may be able to collect and deliver.

Contact  me to discuss what can be done

For obvious reasons at the moment I am unable  spend more then a  few minutes to visit you at your home.

I can still supply both  new and refurbished equipment, but availability may limited and prices are rising.

I have had some  problems (which are still ongoing) with my credit card machine- it stopped working as it should after a software update-

My invoices have  bank payment details on for electronic bank transfer and  I will still accept cash  or cheque.

My “if it aint broken dont mendit”  philosophy still applies.

Computers dont need servicing or repair  unless you have a problem  or it becomes very slow to operate.

got a problem or a question call me

keep safe and well

Chris Wells

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