Data Security

Your Data is Safe in  my hands

Computer crime concept

Unless your hard drive is broken, I can guarantee that your information will be preserved and returned intact. On rare occaisions, a fault on a drive will prevent the image completing. In those cases all i can do is either replace the drive, or  just copy the user folders. – If you have  any questions or concerns please ask me.

I use specialist imaging software to  clone your drive before I start working on it.

This allows me to resore anything- from a single file to the state of the  whole drive.

For Irreplaceable, or confidential data,  I suggest installing a  new drive – keeping your original  in its original state.

Note that within 7 days  of delivery and payment of a repair I delete any Backup if your data I  may have created whilst working on youir pce

To supercharge your system consider installing a solid state disk

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