Upgrading Your Pc


If your machine  does not  have enough Ram memory (4-6gb for Windows), a ram upgrade will give a  visible boost to  performance.

I am happy to check out your pc and advise what to do free of charge

If You would like me upgrade your syste,   I am happy to do so- price depends on your pc as some are harder then others to dismantle- call me for a price.

download click here to download crucial system scanner

Hard Drives and Solid State Disksdata-storage-319844_1280

Your pc contains an electro mechanical hard drive that contains metal disks that spin.

If a hard drive becomes full, it takes longer to read and write to the drive, and it slows down.

Newer solid state disks ( also called SSD) contain no moving parts and are very much faster. Currently the cost per GB stored data is very low for mechanical drives- making them good value. Solid state disks cost more per GB and are smaller in capacity as the high capacity drives are just too expensive at the moment.

You can reinstall Windows from scratch on to a new ssd drive.

All your applications and data will need reinstalling too.

Some retail packed drives come with bundled transfer software

Most Ssd drive have less storage on then then the drive they replace.

The data on the old drive needs backing up and the partitions that contain the data will need shrinking down to size.

When this is done, the drive may be then imaged and the image transferred to the SSD.

All of this takes time and transferring from one disk can take several hours ore more

Since some of the above steps are included in my system recovery service, I am offering a labour free upgrade to any customer having his pc serviced who buys a ssd from me at the same time